A 267 full color slide pdf filled with descriptive imagery of 2017 KBIS CEU presentation ("Psychological and Physiological Effects of Color in Design") in Orlando, Florida. A review of the effects and responses illicited from the 7 spectrum colors and brown, black, gray, and white.  File size is 480 MB.  One time download.  Preview of PDF contents attached. 


KBIS 2017 :  Voices From The Industry Conference

The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Color in Design - KBIS Session

.01 Hour CEU

Presenter: Kathryn J. Grube, MID, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C


Understand what color really is and how it works with us (or against us) physiologically and psychologically in the built environment as it is correlated with nature. Explore how to effectively harness the right color to provide the desired response that positively enhances the ultimate function of the space. Learn how values of white and some grays actually can cause anxiety and depression in interior environments. Color has been deemed a "universal language" around the globe, and is used to create mood, enhance behavior, promote productivity, and elicit certain desired responses from occupants within a given space. Color design is much more than just the aesthetic outcome, when used strategically, it can help to improve quality of life through promoting well-being.

KBIS 2017: Color's Effects PDF


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