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Join me in San Diego for functional color fused with the E + P's of design!

Gain an understanding and appreciation of what color is and how it impacts the body and senses when fused with the each of the eight principles and nine elements of design.  Explain what each of the 17 elements and principles of design are, how they work, and what they achieve in successful design applications.   Reveal how color impacts each of the 17 elements and principles of design in interior settings, and marketing and branding applications. Explore the variety categories of select elements and principles, and learn how each can elicit a desired response in interior settings using color as an enhancement for functional outcomes. Communicate the importance of professional, design industry vocabulary to successfully set professionals apart from common DIY terminology. Show how proper use of E + P’s can strengthen design concept writing, while providing more confidence, clarity, and trust to clientele and other industry professionals.
April 9th San Diego, California

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