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Join me at KBIS in Las Vegas in January!

Gearing up for KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas next month! Come join me in my VFTI presentation on Functional Color and Wellness on Wednesday, 01/22/20##! Description: Nature’s color binds with wellness by bringing the colors of the outdoors in to interiors. Discover how each of the spectral color’s wavelengths have a functional effect on the promoting health, wellness, and positive outcomes of space intended outcomes in interiors. Review each of the spectral hues and learn how each color has a special gift to assist the body with it’s own natural ability to promote healing, positive mood, behavior, and well-being. Learn how to apply select colors with specific values and chromas that are paired with shape, form, pattern, texture and line types for specific spaces that can assist with socialization, healthy mind, welcoming comfort, self-healing properties, creativity, memory, focus, and so much more! #

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