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Attendee Reviews: Functional Color Design Fusing with Wellness

Most grateful to receive excellence out of 5 in attendee reviews from my recent presentation at KBIS this year in Las Vegas, “Functional Color Design: Promoting Positivity, Health, and Wellness in Interiors”. Making progress spreading education and awareness for the need for implementing functional color design standards and offerings in the spaces where we live, work, eat, sleep, and play. It is time for an evidence-based change that no longer takes color for granted or bases selection simply on visual preference. This in an effort to help educate our designers, architects, developers, builders, industry professionals, and all the DIY’ers out there who are so desperately in need of quality, accredited, and certified guidance with functional color design that hybrids with positive aesthetics. The ultimate goal is to team up with the ideal paint / coatings company or wellness in design-oriented organization that believes in the same to help lead the movement in making our world’s spaces healthier and happier places to be. Perhaps the WELL Conference in Scottsdale this year will provide inspiration to assist in achieving that goal.

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