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Private residential or commercial color design recommendations. Inquire for pricing assistance.  


  • 1 to 2-hour on-site visitation of interior space to review the site conditions and conduct needs/wants of client required function + desired aesthetics.   

  • Up to 3 rooms included.  Additional costs apply for more than 3 rooms. 

  • Follow up 1-hour return site visit after initial selections are researched, recommended, and presented to client by designer. 

  • 30 minute PPTX presentation explaining exactly what color is and how it affects the body   physiologically + psychologically.  Details on how this strategy channels color’s energy waves, and how it can create the ambiance desired in a given interior space. 

  • Professionally researched, written, recommended design solution based on provisions of needs and wants for  the overall design problem. Provided design solution to be either hard copy and/or email format at discretion of designer.  

  • If Applicable:   Selection of up to other (3) interior finish selections (owner provided samples) required on site at time of initial consultation.   

  • Does not include shopping, researching, outside selection, or like other of (3) sample allotment and not having samples on site provided by the client at the time of consultation.


  •  Fully - Custom Color Design Consultations Available

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